Kitten care

That first year, the only thing I knew about kittens was how to spell the word. In those early days, I made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t know any better; I let the kittens outside and I fed them the cheapest food I could find. But the more I discovered about these amazing creatures, the more I loved them. When I first started fostering kittens, I found out what a difference premium food made in both their health and in the way the litter boxes smelled. I began keeping them inside the house for their safety. I stopped declawing them. Cats became my passion. Read More About Kitten Care In This Category.

This category contain every thing about kitten care such as: How to take care of kittens, How to take care of kittens 4 weeks old, Kitten Vocalizations – Kitten Sounds, Understanding kitten behavior.